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Apache2: redirect different domains to subfolder

In the aim to merge two of my server on digitalocean, today I tried to write a mod_rewrite rule to redirect a secondary domain to a subfolder. After one hour, I found that I can do that with a VirtualHosts!

Just edit the file /etc/apache2/sites-available/default and add a rule for each domain at the end of file:

<VirtualHost *:80>
DocumentRoot /var/www/vhosts/

It’s easy, if you know.


Fix eclipse random crash with libsoup-2.4

After upgrading libsoup to version 2.4 on funtoo, eclipse began to present random crash while using auto-completation; the fail-log says that the problem is in libsoup.

The fix is easy, just add this line to your eclipse.ini, don’t ask me why:


Multimedia Server with Raspberry Pi

Tired of switch on the notebook every time I need to download something, watch telefilms or listen music, today I made a black box using a RaspberryPi to make these things.

2013-09-16 22.19.50

The box provides these services:

  • SSH network filesystem
  • Realtime Media streaming
  • Music player with web interface
  • Torrent daemon with web interface

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MonoGame: fix block text problem

Yesterday I’ve started to write the UI of my game with monogame on linux. After writing a window system, I’ve tried to display some text with SpriteFonts, but has displayed black blocks instead of text.


Searching on google, someone said that I should create my spritefonts using the monogame content processor; done, but same result.
Searching deeply on google, someone else said to install libtxc_dxtn to fix the problem: this has worked, thanks ShaneG.

MonoGame con F# su Linux

In quest’articolo vi illustro brevemente come utilizzare F# su Linux per realizzare videogames multipiattaforma tramite la libreria MonoGame (Un clone opensource di Microsoft XNA).
Perchè scriverci un articolo? Fondamentalmente perchè  non tutto funziona al volo come i team di Xamarin e MonoGame vogliono farti credere; o almeno, non a me, non su gentoo linux e monodevelop4.

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La mia nuvola personale

2013-01-06 21.21.50

Ho sempre desiderato poter sfruttare la potenza di calcolo del mio pc casalingo ovunque mi trovassi, senza la necessita’ di averlo con me. Con quest’obiettivo, oggi ho messo a punto la mia linux box per poterla utilizzare in remoto tramite tablet/cellulare o qualsiasi altro pc con a disposizione una connessione internet ed un client vnc.

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