WIP: uazapp-im, a desktop client for whatsapp

News about uazapp-im here, stay tuned!

Hey there,

yesterday I started a new interesting project, uazapp-im. It is an instant messenger forked from emesene capable of connecting to whatsapp from your desktop.

Here’s a first screenshoot of a working chat session with uazapp connected to the whatsapp server:

Current implemented features are:

  • Login with whatsapp account
  • Text messaging
  • Nick changing

The beta release will also have:

  • Contacts managing
  • Contacts importing/exporting from different formats
  • Group chat
  • Multimedia messaging

I created a website and a repository on github where you can get the source code of the developing version (if you’re interested in the project, I suggesto to add it to your watchlist).



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